It is the world’s most cost safe and cost effective bio-oil spill treatment process to reduce pollution, oil spills and hazardous contamination of any size, no matter how large or small.

The product is non-toxic to humans, plants and animals and is safe because it is non-toxic, non-irritant and non-allergens which are known to cause skin sensitization, respiratory or other.

It is a biological enzyme that converts waste into a natural food source for native bacteria that is found in the environment. The result of this process is CO 2 and water.

Listed in the National Emergency Plan of the US Environmental Protection Agency (NCP)

It is a safe way to clean the environment by using a natural biological treatment process to efficiently eliminate hazardous substances.

Reduce fire hazards and start the solubilisation process. This process starts with crude oil, gasoline or hydrocarbons.

It will reduce your cleaning costs and permanently eliminate hazardous waste without the need for secondary cleaning.

Not a bacterium (insect), fertilizer or dispersant.

No corrosive chemicals or metals, which will not damage the electrical insulation on painted surfaces.

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กราฟแสดงการย่อยสลายของ OSEI

The contaminants that OSEI can treat.

Most organic compounds
Most hydrocarbon compounds
Engine Oil
All kinds of gasoline (Oil)

Diesel Fuel, Jet A, JP4, JP5, JP8


DDT, Malathion, Organo, Pesticides

Other compounds

Tert Butyl Ether, Benzene, Zylene, Totuene, Chrysene, Hopane, Hexadecane, Naphthalene, Fluorene, Phytane, Phenanthrene, C18, C30, Pristane, No2 and No6 Heating Oils, Kerosene, Grease from Animals, Grease from Vegetables, Dioxins, Furans, Creosote, PCBs(Poly Clorinated Biphenols), Ethylene Glycol, Deicing Agent, Hydrolic Oil, Brake Fluid, Powder Steering Fluid, Motor Oils, Co Polymers, TNT, Gun Powder

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Green Seal

Green Seal is an independent to be non-profit organization. It occur in 1989 in the United States. By international certification Act, It work to identify which the products are good to health and environmental friendly that meet the criteria and which products are toxic and harmful to the environment. By the analysis is based on scientific principles as well as permission to use of the mark to certify the product, service and the quality of environmental with highest standard.

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency - EPA

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is a federal agency in the United States of America in the 1970's, responsible for the preservation and protection of the environment and the health of the population. It is responsible for regulating and regulating the environment, promoting and developing environmentally-friendly activities and coordinating with the international community to care for and solve health and environmental problems.

Occupational Safety and Health Administration

Occupational Safety and Health Administration It is the office of the United States government. They work about health and safety and occupational safety. This includes prevention, harm and health promotion. To maintain the integrity of the body and mind as well as the well-being of the whole profession.

Material Safety Data Sheet

Material safety data sheet or MSDS is details of hazardous chemicals. According to the safety legislation, the MSDS will have the same 'Label' as it is on the container.Contain or encase dangerous chemicals. This will tell you the dangers of what is in the container. With the danger sign.

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