Slag Remover Machine

Electromagnetic wave generator Hydro Flow

          The Hydroflow unit induces a particular electrical signal that spreads across all pipelines connected to the pipe on which it is installed using water as a propagating medium and the signal spread the radius in the form of a circle along the cross section of the pipe. Unconditionally, it don’t effect with the flow velocity of water, the volume, the temperature of water or pipe material.

Limestone deposits are reduced

          Natural water will mix with a variety kind of mineral. which the mineral will makes slag in the water system. which we are familiar to call the limestone, which is a small mineral and has the ability to crystallize quickly and easily when it just get a little change in temperature. The solution is small, so it can not self-saturate or crystallize by itself. So it is based on the adhesion of the other of mineral to make yourself saturated. Limestone like to adhesion on the surface pipe

          Hydroflow creates an electric wave and send them to these solutions. The electromagnetic force at the anode - minus depends on the type and will absorb each other. When limestone is saturated while limestone still floating in the water. These limestone will not go to the surface of the water pipe again. These electric waves act on the minerals as suspended ions and induces the formation of clusters which are transformed into stable crystals as soon as there is a change of temperature or pressure. These suspended crystals prevent limestone deposits from forming in the pipes and heating elements, thus increasing the efficiency of heat transfer, reducing maintenance costs and thereby greatly reducing the use of chemicals. Hydroflow works as well on sanitary hot water systems, heat exchangers, water heaters, wells and pumps in residential, commercial, tertiary, industrial and agricultural sectors.

Removal of moss and bacteria

           Bacteria and algae, passing through the ferrite rings of the Hydroflow device, are loaded by the specific Hydroflow signal. This load forms a layer of pure water molecules around the bacterial cell. The phenomenon of osmosis of water on bacteria and algae, creating an osmotic pressure breaks the membrane of the cell, the water seeps into the cell, the water seeps into the cell and it dies. In addition to the removal by osmosis phenomenon, the Hydroflow signal interferes with the bacteria and the membrane of the algae cell which leads them to perish.

Reduce corrosion by anti-dandruff protection of magnetite

           Iron oxides form in conduits such as flaky rust. The Hydroflow signal turns rust into a hard, smooth magnetite layer that is an iron oxide (Fe304) ferromagnetic. Magnetite prevents subsequent corrosion on the same principle as galvanizing by anti-dandruff effect.


It is a compact device. It is designed not to interfere with or to obstruct with the operation of other devices. Which the system will not stop or cut the water pipe in any way. And the key is. Do not use chemicals in the system.

Acceleration to precipitate which is combine the mineral (limestone) that admixture with water. By charging electromagnetic into the water. Cause to adhere of the limestone until the limestone group is larger and fall in lower side. It is then used to precipitate and filter clean water. Or with a sand filter, it is also very effective.

Killing bacteria and moss by electromagnetic charging with the liquid contained in the cells of those bacteria. Lurking in the water by flowing through the Hydropath device, the mass of water from the charged tube is absorbed. Repeatedly sucking the bacteria into the cell to fill it. They were swollen and swollen, and the cells exploded to death.

Help prevent and inhibit the formation or sticking of new limestone groups. On the material surface of pipe or liquid conveyor along the line. After installation

Help to dispose solid slag by making weak and easily slip out

Anti-rust and Kill all bacteria in the system. There is no rust. Even though the rust occur, it will be removed immediately.

The result of the slag reduction

Improve machine performance and water quality.
Reduces energy loss in cooling or heating.
Reduce the cost of buying chemicals to remove the slag. The payback is faster.
Maintenance does not overlap and continually operation.

Increases efficiency of the water filter and membrane (if any).

No expert or team of water and chemical engineers is needed to maintain the water system.

Reduce the use of chemicals and environmental protection to comply with government policies and international safety standards.

Create a good image for the organization and the community.

Hydropath will also work for you. Even in the day you rest.